Found a Nest of Pennsylvania Raccoons? Steps to Take ASAP!

If there are Lancaster raccoon babies in your attic, be sure that a pregnant mother raccoon has entered into your attic some time before and made its nest in attic for giving birth to the babies and for raising them there unless they become capable of taking care of themselves.

What steps to be taken if you see a nest within your Pennsylvania attic:

If you find the nest of the raccoons even in your attic, here are some steps you can do:

  • Perform an inspection of whole house for making sure about their point of entry. Be sure to close that point safely for preventing any further movement. Consider of opening windows in attic and basement, loose the shingles or tree branches around your home.
  • After you do so, make sure of how did the Lancaster pregnant raccoons have entered in your home and seal it. Put thick steel as raccoons may scratch or chew via wood.
  • After sealing each entry point, you need to set traps for catching each of the raccoon for safely removing them out of the home.
  • After trapping Pennsylvania babies and mother get trapped, replace them somewhere else. If you don't where to replace the trapped raccoons, call a wildlife rehabber for getting a professional advice and assistance.
  • After removing them completely out of your Lancaster home, the last step is the cleaning and disinfecting your Pennsylvania attic for preventing any possible disease and infection. Be sure that you protect yourself safely during the process by wearing protective clothes, boots and rubber gloves and dispose the raccoon feces safely along with other dirt which you have gathered from your attic during the cleaning process.

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