Best and Safest Way to Clean Out Lancaster Rat Feces

When you find Lancaster rat feces in your attic, that can only mean one thing, you have been visited by rats who would most likely keep coming back. It becomes important to clean the feces as they pose serious health risks. The process for cleaning out rat feces from your attic is explained subsequently.

Ensure the Area is Rat Free

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that the Pennsylvania place is rat free. You will have to trap the rats and relocate them to somewhere else. You can achieve this with the aid of Pennsylvania cage traps. By the time, you try for 7 days and no rat was trapped, it might be an indication that you have successfully finished this phase and you can move to the next.

Open the Windows and Doors

It is harmful to breathe in Lancaster rat feces as you could contact salmonella or Leptospirosis. In order to avoid this, you can open the windows and doors for 30 minutes to allow for ventilation. This will reduce the potency and risk of getting infected by the diseases.

Open the windows and doors to allow air to come in as this will allow for ventilation that will reduce the potency of breathing in diseases.


Apart from not breathing in concentrated air from the feces, you also don't want to come in physical contact with them. Put on vinyl, latex or rubber gloves when you want to clean Pennsylvania rat droppings and urine. Use a distance or water and bleach mixture on the feces and wait for 5 minutes.

Do the Cleaning

Once you have finished disinfecting the droppings and urine, you can pick up the feces with a paper towel and dispose of in the trash basket. You can then mop the entire area and disinfect it.

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